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Great Service – Great Results - that is our motto. provide a full range of Finance and Insurance Products for all types of cars, bikes, boat, caravans , jet skis or anything you wish to purchase. With a wide ranges of lenders, you can be sure that we will find you the best finance option for your loan and the best rate .Let us do the hard work for you , so if you have any questions, please call us on 1300 000 326 or visit us on

How long does it take to get a loan?

In most cases we can complete everything over the phone and email and settlement can take place the same day as the enquiry. We will work with you and sign the documents personally or by email to suit your personal needs.

Can I buy a private sale?

Yes, we are the private sale specialists, whether you want a car, bike, boat or caravan, we can arrange everything .We will do all of the background checks to ensure that the goods you are purchasing are free of encumbrances and are not written off or stolen .In fact, we can offer a Warranty for 3 to 5 years on most goods. We can also finance from a dealer with the same coverage.

I am self employed with no financials, can I get a car loan?

Yes, we have several Finance Partners that have products designed for this situation. It will not affect your Interest Rate at all because you don’t have your Tax Return or Financials completed. Our friendly staff will advise you if you qualify for these products.

Do finance other items besides cars?

Yes, we finance cars, bikes, boats, caravans, motor homes, trucks, plant and machinery, holidays, home improvements and much more. Give us a call on 1300 000 326 to discuss your next purchase.

I have been Bankrupt in the past, either Part 9 or 10, will I be able to get a Loan?

Yes, we can certainly look at getting an Approval for you. We may need a bit more information but we have some specialised Finance Companies that will look at your application and not judge you on a past blemish.

I have been declined already, should i apply with you?

We are very careful with a customer’s credit file and are mindful not to put too many unnecessary enquires to a lender. We will endeavour to find the best fit for you and have many lenders and products that will suits most customers needs .Call us today on 1300 000 326 to discuss your application.

Can I include the Insurance in the loan?

Yes you definitely can. We can offer you a wide range of Insurance Products including Comprehensive Insurance , Loan Protection, Gap Cover and a Warranty. We can include any of these products in your loan, so you don’t have to worry about not covering yourself or your purchase if something should go wrong , and all in one payment per month as part of your loan. Peace of mind!!

Can i get my loan approved before purchasing? can offer you a pre approval before you buy your dream purchase and in fact we can have your loan fully approved so that will give you the confidence to negotiate a better price , and it can be a private sale or dealer purchase. Please contact us on 1300 000 326 to discuss your pre or full approval today.

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Save On Car Loans is a Melbourne based finance brokerage established in 2003 with over
30 years finance experience.

Our aim is to provide you with excellent service through offering a great range of finance and insurance products and assist you with your next asset purchase be it new or used. We specialize in private sale cars, bikes, boats and caravans. Let us make your dream a reality.