Are you self employed either as a sole trader, partnership or a company?

Do you use your vehicle mainly for business purposes?

Are you looking for a secured finance option with lower interest?

A Commercial Hire Purchase agreement uses your vehicle as the security on the loan meaning you can access a low interest rate.

Equipment Loans Melbourne

The financier purchases the vehicle on your behalf and you rent it from them for the agreed term. At the end of the term when the total price of the vehicle (minus any residual) and the interest charges have been paid in full, the ownership of the vehicle then passes to the customer.

  • New or used vehicles
  • Dealer or private sale
  • Terms from 12 – 84 months
  • Tax benefits
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Equipment Finance Brokers

Equipment finance brokers are known to offer a vast range and variety of products for all kinds of businesses. The products offered by equipment finance brokers are a perfect solution for clients who are facing challenging and tough situations. Unlike individuals, businesses put an effort to use their funds wisely because they also consider the amount of interest they will have to pay on them. They often make use of an equipment finance calculator in order to decide the amount of finance they need and the interest that will accrue on it. Organisations and businesses take finance at times to keep a healthy cash flow running in the firm.

Our equipment finance brokers are known to put effort into securing your trucks and other equipment and offering the most competitive rates in the market so you can benefit from minimum lease repayments. The entire idea behind equipment financial brokers is to ease the leasing process for the customers so they do not have to put it too much effort. It is a service and like all other services, its ultimate goal is to make things easy for the clients. To provide even more ease to our clients, we offer various kinds of equipment finances including full and low doc equipment finances.

Our team consists of experienced equipment financial brokers who help clients find the perfect equipment loans Melbourne using their extensive knowledge and an equipment finance calculator after analysing the needs and demands of the clients. We are proud to claim we provide the best equipment finance Melbourne, which is proven by the fact that we have access to various popular lenders who have worked with us over years and are now our trustworthy business associates. This gives our clients an option to choose from and they can pick lenders that offer the best interest rate for a specific kind of credit. All clients like the option of being able to pick from various lenders, which is why our services are deemed as special in the region. As equipment finance brokers we are also known to arrange personal leasing for both types of clients; individuals and companies.