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There has been a lot of “ Great deals “ going around the Finance world at the moment but although it may seem to be a fantastic deal, you need to read the fine print. Nissan Finance has a “ Big 1% Finance “ offer at the moment but it is limited to a small number of 2014 model cars and may not include fees and charges . In some cases, you cannot make any alterations to the colour or options to the car you want to buy. At the end of the 36 months the customer will have a final payment of $12495 to  either payout in full or re-finance it over another term which will accrue more fees and charges.


There has been even some Financiers that have offered customers a 0% interest  deal which also sounds great but there are again some restrictions on the negotiation on the price of the car and restrictions on making any changes to the purchase such as colour or automatic/manual transmission.


This type of deal has been very popular with the likes of Harvey Norman and Furniture Store outlets for a number of years and it works this way. Firstly, the store will promote 6,12 or even 24 months Interest Free on items but there is no negotiation on the price you pay as the interest component is included in the price of the goods. So a 140 cm TV that has been sold for $1500 has the interest factored into the price so indirectly it is costing you more to finance it than if you paid cash.


Some lenders such as the ANZ are promoting a special rate of 3.99% which is the lowest rate seen in the car market for a long time but there are also some catches to it. You need to be an ANZ mortgage holder, asset backed and excellent credit as well as the car has to be new to 12 months old. It is a great deal but there are a few hurdles you need to jump first and if you do not meet any of the criteria, you are not eligible for this deal.


Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it normally is. Read the fine print as there are always some criteria you have to meet because all the dealer is trying to do is get you in the door and maybe sell you something you may not even want or spend more than you can afford. So, contact saveoncarloans.com.au now on 1300 000 326 and make your dream become a reality.

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