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Australian new car registrations continue to grow, with SUV’s still leading the charge.

The big winners in July (year on year) were:

Mazda up by 1308 vehicles
Volkswagen up by 917 vehicles
Mercedes Benz up by 531 vehicles

On the flip side, the big losers were:

Nissan down by 514 vehicles
Jeep down by 631
Holden down by 1095

Year to date, new car registrations are up by 3.2%, up by around 20,000 new vehicles to 670,735 sales to the end of July.

If sales increases continue throughout the later part of 2015, this year will once again be a record one million plus sales year.

Another reason buyers are increasingly looking at new vehicles ar the influx of new utes.
These utility vehicles have been selling strongly in Australia with a raft of new models such as the Hilux, Triton and Ranger all working their way into the top 10 best sellers list for July 2015.

The top ten models sold in July 2015 were:

Toyota Corolla 3573
Mazda 3 2825
Hyundai i30 2750
Toyota Hilux 2579
Mitsubishi Triton 2238
Mazda CX-5 2223
Toyota Camry 2124
Holden Commodore 2030
Ford Ranger 2013
Volkswagen Golf 1675

With all of the above in mind, it has never been a better time to get that purchase of your dreams.

Get that brand new car you have always wanted or to update to a newer used vehicle.

Spring is just around the corner and time to start enjoying the outdoors with your new Motor Bike, Boat or Caravan.

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