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So you’re looking at buying a car?

At, we can arrange the best car loan for you, which gives the flexibility of terms up to 7 years with weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments tailored to your needs.

New Cars, used cars, dealer cars or private sale – we will get the best finance for you along with the best service.


There has been a big push lately about 0% Interest free car loans by the four Major Car Manufacturers in Holden, Ford, Toyota and Nissan. So, why shouldn’t i take advantage of this great deal?
Well, there are a few things to consider before you jump in the deep end.
Firstly, you may find you will pay more for this great deal than if you had come to us at where we could find you the best deal to suit your needs.
Dealers use the 0% advertising to get people into their showroom which creates an opportunity to make a sale. You need to be very wary that if you have a car to trade in ,the dealer will offer you a lower price than what it is worth because they are offering you this great 0% deal, but you are losing money straight away .

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The finance offer will most likely come with some restrictions such as the term of the deal ,balloon payments and you may have to pay a big deposit to qualify for this finance special. The reason why they do this is because if the term is reduced and the deposit is high, it will minimize the amount of interest payable but it could leave you with a payment you cannot afford and all of your savings gone.
If you do not qualify for this deal, the sales person will refer you to the Business Manager and the aftermarket department and you may not get a better deal than if you contacted first. Remember the old saying “ If it too good to be true, it normally is “.

An example of the above is if a car was worth $22999 over 36 months at 0% , it will cost you more than financing $19999 over 36 months at 7% including all fees and charges and there will be less restrictions on the car you are buying if you negotiated the deal yourself.

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Many people will only focus on interest rate ,so they will not research the fine print , but with we will give you the flexibility of financing up to 7 years and give you the protection of insuring the car, boat , bike or caravan and the most important person, you!!

So, before you go into the Dealership it is important that you do your homework first, have an idea of what you think your trade in is worth and have a budget in mind so you don’t commit to a car that you cannot afford and your savings are now gone which may leave you in financial strife.

Shop around for a car finance quote, call and have a chat to our friendly staff who will endeavour to meet your every need and ensure we give you great service and a great result!!

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