Time to upgrade the business vehicle do you get a car allowance from your employer?

Sole trader’s with an ABN through to companies, let SaveOnCarLoans.com.au help with your vehicle selection and arrange the best finance so that you can take advantage of your tax deductions.

Flexible finance packages up to 7 years with best rates and best service on either a Chattel Mortgage or Commercial Hire Purchase Document.

Vehicle to be used minimum 50% business use

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SaveOnCarLoans.com.au is a Melbourne based finance brokerage established in 2003 with over
30 years finance experience.

Our aim is to provide you with excellent service through offering a great range of finance and insurance products and assist you with your next asset purchase be it new or used. We specialize in private sale cars, bikes, boats and caravans. Let us make your dream a reality.

Business Car Loans

Buying a car is like a dream to many, a necessity for most and a want for some. Thanks to business car loans, this dream can be turned to reality easily in today’s time. ‘Save on Car Loans’ is one such business, a car loan service that offers a wide range of business car loans and financing options for companies and individuals that are in need for loans and financing solutions to buy cars for personal or professional use. Regardless of whether you require a new posh car, an everyday company car, or a business car, Save on Car Loans has experts that will help you achieve your goal while saving on time and money. Here are some of the business car loans we offer.

Hire Purchase

Different from a finance lease, hire purchase is a rental agreement, which grants the ownership of the car to the client automatically as soon as the client fulfils the entire terms of the agreement. The ownership of the car lies with the company until the last payment has been made. However, as soon as the last payment is paid, the car’s ownership is transferred to the customer.

An option of paying the upfront deposit is also available along with a trade in, which can reduce the payment commitment. We also offer the option of setting a balloon payment at the term’s end in order to acknowledge the end value of the car. Moreover, at any time during the term of the agreement, customers are allowed to clear the full debt.

So regardless of what the requirement, Save on Car Loans can help you get a great business car loan that satisfies your wants and suits your need in your set budget.

Chattel Mortgage

A Chattel Mortgage uses a vehicle or another business use equipment as security. A chattel mortgage involves a cash accounting system to claim the tax credit that has been incurred by the business. This type of car loan is  used by organizations and businesses with an ABN and the GST can be claimed back fully in the next quarter rather than over the length of the loan.

Car Finance Lease

A car finance lease is the most common form of business car loan that is essentially a rental agreement that allows you to lease your vehicle in exchange for an agreed amount of rent and time period. In car finance leases, a residual value is agreed on in order to reflect the value of the vehicle when the term ends.

While the car is under the ownership of the finance company, the tax can be deducted from the rentals as far as the car is used in connection with generating quantifiable income. When the lease ends, the customer can buy it by making an offer, return it, trade it on a replacement, or even extend the lease for another term.

Company Cars & Novated Car Leasing

In the past few years, Novated car leases have become a great and a an attractive alternative for firms that want to buy company cars and provide cars to their employees and staff. Novated lease is an agreement between three parties; the finance company, the firm and its employee. At Save on Car Loans, we offer this kind of business car loans too in order to satisfy the needs of companies that are looking for company cars.